For over 15 years we have been delivering to our customers high quality nursery material for planting of production orchards. Trees produced by our members represent comparable quality and health to trees produced by the best nurseries worldwide.

We have proved to some sceptics that fruit trees meeting world class standard can be produced in Poland and this process is not prevented by our climate. Good quality fruit can also be harvested at the orchards.
We have done our best to anticipate trends with respect to both managing an orchard and to plant cultivars. To our great satisfaction, we are able to state that many of our expectations have been fulfilled. The first edition of our catalogue suggested that fruit farmers ought to increase the number of trees planted on a unit of area (ha) and today rarely anyone plants an apple tree orchard of fewer than 1,500 trees per hectare. This is dictated by economic reasons, which we pointed out to our readers.

We have introduced into the fruit farming practice a number of new cultivars and sports, which have gained broad recognition among fruit farmers and, above all, among consumers – including Ligol, Gala Must, Golden Delicious, red sports of Delcorf – Celeste, Ambassy, red sports of Idared – Najdared, Idaredest, red sports of Jonagold – Decosta, Jonagored as well as red sports of Szampion – ARNO, RENO, RENO2.

Our Association has popularised production of virus-free trees, causing this to become a common practice. We propose changes in the planting system towards one-cultivar sections with pollinators of decorative cultivars. Proposed changes are backed by economic reasons.

Particular cultivars have specific requirements, namely: they are characterised by different susceptibility to diseases and pests, different feeding needs (fertilization), different needs with respect to water supply and different susceptibility to chemical thinning out preparations. All those factors impact the costs of fruit production; adaptation of requirements to one cultivar is economically justified.

Two new cultivars of apple tree are now introduced into our offer: Fuji (Beni Shogun) and Braeburn NAK. These cultivars are popular worldwide and we are convinced that customers (consumers, sellers) as well as fruit farmers will be interested. The cultivars have been tested in Poland for several years now.

Before describing and recommending new cultivars, we do our best to establish an opinion on them based on their performance in Polish climatic and soil conditions; yet, their commercial success cannot be predicted.

Jan Krzewiński